Malle Expedition Collection

‘Design, Destroy, Redesign & Deliver’ was the working motto for the latest collection.

On the 27th of July, 2015 the Malle team left New York on British motorcycles, venturing 10,000 miles across the North American landscape with 12 new designs in hand. Over 37 days they tested their newest pieces of luggage, apparel and adventure accessories, in deserts, rainforest’s, torrential rain, tornadoes, snow, hail, crossing 14,000ft mountain passes and beyond.

Our hypothesis was that a bag, tool, or piece of apparel may seem perfect and comfortable after an hour or so, but how will it feel and perform after 300+ hours of continual/hard use. We dove into extreme weather conditions with these designs and learnt first hand how each design performed. Upon our return to our London studio we set about putting these learnings into practice and re-designed each piece, based on our findings and experience.

The Malle ‘Expedition Collection’ - 12 items of luggage and adventure accessories; from backpacks and duffel’s, to map cases, weekender’s, apparel, digital tool pouches and shoulder bags. Each piece is handcrafted in our London workshop from a lightweight navy blue oiled cotton made in our mill in Scotland, thick black bridle leather, solid welded brass hardware and a ‘postbox red’ organic cotton interior. Each of these high end materials were selected for their strength, durability, weight and unique luxurious feel - these pieces are designed to go the distance and get you home again.

The initial designs were tested on motorcycles for the simple reason, that this transportation method is the most exposed to the elements (and often the most fun). If a Malle performs well on this transportation mode, it will work perfectly when strapped to a bicycle, sports car, 4X4, or slung over the shoulder on the morning commute, in the London rain.

The ‘Expedition Collection’ is available at:

Barneys - New York
Deus Ex Machina - Los Angeles
The Bike Shed - London
Matches Fashion - London

Online at