Lexus Performance Driving School

Last week I had the opportunity to take part in the Lexus Performance Driving School  at  Auto Club Speedway, the best part was that I got to share the experience with my dad. Lexus has been sneaking up on the German-dominated luxury performance market for years and the Performance Driving School F-Sport's coming out party to the enthusiast community.

The Lexus LFA was the brand's first proper supercar when it launched in 2012, it gave the brand performance credibility that has now worked its way down into the more attainable production cars. This isn't your Grandma's beige Lexus from 10 years ago, with 467hp, incredibly sophisticated electronic driving controls, massive brakes, and sporty good looks, Lexus is throwing the gauntlet down. The Lexus Performance Driving School was created to establish F-Sport as a true performance brand with automotive enthusiasts, on par with M and AMG.

We showed up early to the first ever event here in California where we had the opportunity to not only learn driver theory, autocross, and drift the new F-Sport range of cars, but we also got to take them out on the big track at triple digit speeds. Pushing the cars to the limits was encouraged and thankfully Michelin was on hand to keep the cars rolling after the drifting session ate up some tires.

Lexus is offering a range of driving experiences including paid half and full day track sessions with instructors and experiences that are open to the public that allow anyone to get behind the wheel of a new Lexus F-Sport car and feel the performance. For more on the Lexus Performance Driving School CLICK HERE.

I shot a short video of my experience at the Lexus Performance Driving School, check it out below and please comment and like the video, your feedback is important, also please subscribed to our YouTube channel for more content like this.

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