The Top 5 Formula 1 Drivers of All Time

One of the most difficult tasks a person could assign an F1 fan would be to list the best five Formula 1 drivers of all time. The sport is extremely dynamic and has changed drastically since its founding. Technology is ever changing, same as the rules. Nonetheless, despite the different eras, F1 fans have always been drawn to drivers who have charismatic, competitive, and have a great relationship with their fans.

Juan Manuel Fangio
This driver won the world championship five different times in the 1950s. The odd thing about the championships was that he earned them for different teams and with different teams. Even though it is extremely difficult for an F1 driver to adapt to a new vehicle and sync with a new team, Juan was so good that he did it quickly enough to prepare for championship races which he won. He also won more than half of all his F1 races and performed well in others races in which he did not crash.
The major reason why Juan is the best all-time F1 driver, possibly, is that of the wit and bravery with which he drove his racing cars at a time that F1 drivers died more than any other time in the history of F1. He was timely, precise, and absolutely fearless. He always kept the fans tensed, excited, and entertained despite his preference for points and victories.

Ayrton Senna
Ayrton Senna led a romantic and spiritual life, on-track and off-track. The Brazilian was considered more of a dare devil than a regular F1 pilot. His driving was amazing, and his charisma was phenomenal. He was an eloquent speaker whose sentiments on the game altered how fans and officials viewed the game. He brought thrill into the game where precision and control means everything.
Apart from Ayrton Senna's obsession with drifts, control on wet tracks, and involvement in outrageous crashes and risks, the Brazilian was also popular for his rivalry with Alain Prost, another Hall-of-Famer. Senna attributed his success in the tracks to the thrill of being better than everyone else at the risk of losing it all. Prost, on the other hand, rebuked that trait and claimed it made racing dangerously for Senna and all other drivers with whom he shared the track.
Senna won 41 times and achieved 65 pole positions. He took the world championship three times and died on the track in front of his fans. His death has always been romanticized with avid followers of the game.

Alain Prost
Alain has been undervalued numerously for being a 'safe driver' who only sort to win through points and percentages. Statistically, it is evident that Alain exercised diligence in his driving and could not beat his career rival, Senna, in speed. However, the man was deemed to be a mad genius who always beat the ultimate dare-devil, Senna, to the curve most of the times with his impeccable control and timing. Prost had mastered the art of deceptive speed which allowed him to beat Senna numerously and to clinch the world championship four times. His greatest contribution to the sport, perhaps, was keeping Senna in check. He made the game interesting by holding ground as the careful driver who always beat the Senna-the-speed-devil.

Lewis Hamilton
 Lewis has a legendary reputation for being phenomenal. In his debut year, he surprised the crowd of fans watching when his amazing ability to overtake spectacular drivers like Alonso was the first treat he gave to Ferrari. Through out that season, he dominated the track and gave his teammate and F1 legend, Alonso, a run for his money. He barely missed making a record by winning the championship in his rookie year but won the title the very next season. He took the sport by surprise has consistently displayed his sportsmanship and talent by maintaining his competitiveness at an all-time high.

Michael Schumacher
Michael is statistically the most successful F1 driver of all time. His domination on the track, reassuringly, came at a time when the F1 experienced the most technological advancements of all time. At a time of such dynamic change, he remained the most constant factor about F1. At the very least, Michael holds seven world championships as well as other titles.

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