Car Girl: Courtney Barber

Courtney Barber tired a lot of things before she became known as the founder of "Team Mustang Girls" accounting, real estate, she even worked as a dressmaker before creating her own career in the automotive world. When she picked up a 1965 Ford Mustang back in 2009 she couldn't imagine how it would change her life.

"For the first time, I was really excited by what I was doing. I have an extremely short attention span so finding something that kept it occupied was awesome. Driving a classic car you are always tinkering so when you finally do get  a break even my stock-ticker of a brain enjoys the moment of silence."

She signed up for the Bullrun rally and was able to attract some sponsors, in a rally that is made up of mostly modern supercars the classic 65' Mustang stood out. Soon she was featured in popular Mustang Magazines and the idea of building, rallying and promoting the automotive lifestyle as a full-time job became a reality.

Today Courtney has put over 500,000 miles on her Mustang, crisscrossing the country taking part in Rally North America, the Hot Rod Power Tour, Bullrun, Goodguys, The American Adventure, and countless other events. Her sponsors include Kicker, Scott Drake, Speeddirect, National Parts Depot, and many others who see her as an ambassador for women in the automotive community. Courtney also writes for Ford Performance and Mustang360 and when she is not at an event, writing content, or on a rally, you'll find her at the shop wrenching on her 65'.

While Courtney has made a name for herself with "Team Mustang Girls" her next project is going in a different direction. Later this month she picks up a 78' Ford Bronco that she will be customizing so she can take a few more unpaved roads on her next adventure.

If you would like to follow along with Courtney's next adventure be sure to follow her on the social media links below.



  1. While I enjoy riding the car, I hate driving. This is why for me, girls who drive are badass. :) Love the article!

  2. Whoa! That' what you call ladies power! And this is totally awesome, I've been dreaming that kind of career and task but of course as you said she has been to a lot before she get to that point. Great share!