YouTuber Jake Paul Feels Snubbed by Lamborghini?

by Mike Satterfield

YouTube personality and former Disney Channel star Jake Paul, uploaded a video today titled "This Was Actually The Worst Day Of My Life." In the video, Jake and his entourage are in Italy to see the new Huracán Performante that he had ordered 6 months prior. Upon arriving at Lamborghini factory in Sant'Agata, he was told by an unidentified staff member that he would not be allowed to vlog in the factory. Being a vlogger this sends Jake into a mini-meltdown and he makes the claim that Lamborghini invited him to come to Italy to drive his car on a race track, a claim which the representative denies, but even after talking to a supervisor Jake is noticeably agitated.

Watch the video below

In another video uploaded by YouTuber user LBseventeen (who appears to be part of the Paul brother's film crew), we see another view of the confrontation between Jake Paul and the unnamed representative from Lamborghini who is explaining that the camera ban is a factory rule and only specific media are allowed to film in the factory. Jake Paul then claims "another YouTuber was just here yesterday filming in the factory," he never names the YouTuber despite bringing it up several times in the video. After some research I discovered that YouTuber was John Olsson who was invited out to a media event.

Jake and Logan are allowed to see the car and tour the factory, but only after abandoning their cameras and placing stickers over their cell-phone cameras. For those of you who don't know, banning cameras and placing stickers over cell-phone cameras is common at factories like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc. This is due to the fact many times special one-off vehicles and prototypes are being worked on behind closed doors and owners of those vehicles and the factory don't want images leaked.

Jake steps outside and explains the situation which he describes as "Laughable, Disrespectful, and Childish" while he is filming this scene security approaches yet again and asks them to not film on Lamborghini property, which is met with another exchange between Paul and Lamborghini staff.

Jake making claims of being disrespectful and childish are interesting considering that the video from the previous day had the Paul brothers both disrespecting local laws in Venice by stripping to their underwear and jumping into the canal in front of their hotel despite several warnings from locals that it was illegal and unsafe. Jake has also been embroiled in controversy back home in Los Angeles where neighbors claim he and his Team 10 group are a nuisance details of which can be found in the Hollywood Reporter.

After jumping in the canal and making a scene a local man informs Jake Paul that he is calling the police to which Jake replies "tell them to like and subscribe" then he runs into his hotel to hide from the police who are on their way, obviously did not arrest anyone, as Jake states "once again we got away with murder."

In Logan Paul's video titled "Our $400,000 Disaster," (from the same day) the video starts with Jake Paul shouting "Fuck this I'm gonna get a Ferrari" while that may sound like a solution to being upset with Lamborghini I don't think Jake understands that Ferrari is even pickier when it comes to who can purchase their cars.

Jake Paul ends his video sitting in the garden of his rented villa saying he can't support a company (Lamborghini) that treats its customers this way and demanding a personal apology from each Lamborghini employee he felt disrespected him. "From the security guards to the ladies at the reception to the head guy who I had a meeting with off camera, I don't know their names. I feel like I deserve an apology" he goes on to claim that unless that happens he will not be purchasing the Lamborghini. 

We have reached out to our contacts at Lamborghini to see if they had a comment about the situation and we will update this story with any statement they make. 

UPDATE: Lamborghini's Response

Customers, enthusiasts, media and influencers are always welcome to visit the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese. 
If anyone wishes to film inside the factory this needs to be explicitly authorized in advance. 
In this particular case, on the day the Paul brothers visited us, September 25th, we had prototypes in the assembly line and therefore it was not possible to film inside the production facilities. 
This was communicated up front.

Gerald Kahlke
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

So what do you think? Was Jake Paul right to feel disrespected? Or was Lamborghini right to enforce their policy? Let us know in the comments below.

Images are Screen Grabs via YouTube.