The New World of Driving Shoes

By Michael Satterfield

When most people think of driving shoes, the classic Italian style moccasin comes to mind, a shoe that has come in and out of fashion many times in the last 70 years since its invention. It was the kind of shoe worn with a fitted suit and no socks while you drove around in an Alfa Romeo through the European countryside. These shoes were originally designed to give drivers better grip and smoother movement as they rolled on their heels from pedal to pedal in the sports cars of yesterday.

Recently this original style driving shoe has seen a resurgence, everyone from investment-bankers to real estate agents are wearing them, mostly while they drive their beige Lexus SUV or 7 series BMW. What was once a design created out of necessity for drivers wanting to push their sports cars to the limits, has become little more than a stylish accessory. Even when you search Google for the term "Driving Shoes" all the top results are from major retailers that are selling versions of these classic driving shoes.

But if you are not into pants with high hemlines, or you prefer to wear socks, and you want actual performance when you drive your sports car, where do you turn? Well, you might want to check out Piloti's latest range of stylish and casual performance driving shoes, which come in a wide range of materials and colors.

My personal favorite and the shoes I wear when I go for a spirited drive are the Circuit series, I have the 24-Hours of Le Mans edition in white. Not only do they have a great contemporary style and quality comparable to any high-end shoe brand, but all Piloti shoes are designed with driving in mind, giving you better feel of the pedals and control with a shoe designed from the ground up for performance driving.

Unlike many shoemakers who sell "driving shoes" Piloti is a manufacturer of  FIA certified/SFI rated racing shoes. Piloti racing shoes are worn by some of the top motorsports athletes who swear by their design and comfort during long endurance racing. The design, engineering, and passion that goes into a pair of Piloti racing shoes can be felt in every pair of driving shoes the company makes.

If you do happen to like the more traditional look, Piloti does offer a range of vintage inspire driving shoes and even two styles of suede moccasin, however unlike the fashion brands these classic shoes feature Piloti's "Roll Control™" spherical heel and tire tread inspired sole for maximum comfort and performance while driving.

While the Pilotis are not my first pair of driving shoes, they are by far the best I have had the opportunity to wear and transition far better to non-driving activities. When you aren't carving canyons they simply become a very well made and stylish casual shoe that stand on their own for comfort and style.

If you would like to learn more and see the full range of products, including gloves, bags, and apparel offered by Piloti visit their official website HERE.

This was not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.