Road Racing in Mexico

Ripping across Baja California in a car with your buddies is a dream many have had, thanks to Pedro Vargas and the Rally Historico you can make it a reality. 

by Michael Satterfield
Photos by Eugenio Robleda E.

The 2018 Rally Historico Transpeninsular (RHT) was a success with its largest number of entries to date with the addition of new programs that make going on this epic adventure as easy as booking a rental car. While RHT has had a 'Touring Class' for a few years, allowing those who want to follow the route of the race in their own car, but not be entered in the competition, the new "Arrive and Drive" program allows automotive enthusiasts to rent a BMW or Mercedes and drive with the touring class. The best part about the arrive and drive is that once you get to Cabo, you simply leave the car with the RHT team and fly back home.

But for those who are wanting to experience the thrill of competition, RHT is one of the last great open road races in the world. With a combination of time-distance-speed and unlimited segments, the RHT is a challenging race that pushes man and machine, and this is real racing, with crashes, speed, and fierce competition. Just over 1,000 miles from the busy streets of Tijuana all the way to the tip of Baja California to the resort town of Cabo San Lucas.

I was on the very first RHT in 2015 and while it was challenging it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It is a small fraternity of drivers who have taken part in the Rally Historico, it takes a different kind of person to race across Mexico, but if you think you might be the kind of person who can do it, check out the official website HERE and start planning your adventure. If you can't wait until next year, the same team behind the RHT has created the San Pedro Mártir Hill Climb in Northern Baja, a thrilling race that has attracted the likes of Rhys Millen, Gustavo Bogo, and many other racers.

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