Car Girl: NicoleWRX

Nicole, an ICU nurse from Denver, says she is addicted to cars, she even met her future husband at the track. She grew up on the east coast, but has been enjoying the mountains of Colorado with her Subaru WRX she has named Garfield II.

Name: Nicole
Car: 2018 Subaru WRX
Instagram: @NicoleWRX
Location: Denver, Colorado
Photos: David Sante, Stefan Rodriguez, Brendan Sobers

1.            Year/Make/Model of Car
2.            Where did you get your passion for cars?
3.            What was your first car?
4.            Do you have a favorite road you like to drive on?
5.            Racing Experience?
6.            Do you work on your own car?
7.            What is your dream car?
8.            What is your current daily driver?
9.            Is it modified? If so what are you mods?
10.          Any Special cars you have that are not your daily?

TGR: Where did you get your passion for cars?

N: "My passion for cars started around high school for me. I grew up near a racetrack in Florida and my dad and uncle would take me to the drag races on weekends. I didn't have the money or right type of car to get into racing at that time, but the appreciation was strong." 

TGR: What was your first car?

N: "A black 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, 5-speed. The convertible top would often get stuck and it leaked whenever it rained, which was pretty much daily in FL, but I didn't care. I loved that car!"

TGR: Do you have a favorite road you like to drive on?

N: "Deer Creek Canyon Rd, just southwest of Denver is my favorite place to cruise. The beautiful mountain scenery and lots of fun twisties make it a great escape that's still close to home."

TGR: Do you have any racing experience?

N: "It all started when I bought my first Subaru, a 2013 WRX in special edition tangerine orange, 1 of 200 made. I named it Garfield. After the urging of a friend in 2015, I decided to try a type of SCCA racing called autocross. I was instantly hooked. two events later, I took an autocross school called Starting Line, ended up dating my instructor, and now we're engaged to be married! My current racecar is a '13 Subaru BRZ prepped for STX class autocross, which my fiance' David and I race together."

TGR: Do you work on your own car?

N: "I always joke that I can fix really sick people, but not cars. But thanks to racing and my very patient fiance', I change my own oil and can swap out a set of tires pretty fast. I'm also a detailing junky and love to make our cars shine."

TGR: What is your dream car?

N: "Ferrari, LaFerrari"

TGR: What is your current daily driver?

N: "The 2018 Subaru WRX is my daily. Unfortunately, the special edition '13 was totaled on the highway when a semi truck crashed into the jersey barrier and oncoming traffic. Luckily, I walked away uninjured. I've recreated the look of the orange '13 and couldnt be happier with the result."

TGR: Is it modified? If so what are your mods? 
N: "Since its my daily, the mod list is nothing special. RCE lowering springs, Enkei Raijin wheels (obsessed!) and wrapped by Impacted Wraps & Graphics. Its a special edition 1 of 1 that's never been vaped in!"

TGR: Any Special cars you have that are not your daily?

N: "2013 Subaru BRZ, which is our designated racecar."

TGR: What is next for you and your car?
N: " Now that I am moving to Portland soon, I am looking forward to more scenic roads to explore in the Pacific Northwest."