Best Warm Weather Driving Gloves

by Michael Satterfield

Great driving gloves are as much about style as they are comfort and performance, from improving grip on a slippery wooden steering wheel and adding a dash of occasion to your Sunday drive the right pair of driving gloves can make all the difference. With summer is right around the corner, here are some of my favorite driving gloves you can wear when the weather warms up.

 Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves in Black

A personal favorite of mine, I have used them in cars and on motorcycles, comfortable, stylish, and well made they are a great value, but get yours soon as they are almost sold out.


Pratt & Hart Leather Driving Gloves

Classic style, similar to those used in the film Drive, these gloves are made of a touchscreen-sensitive leather making them perfect for modern cars with touchscreen media controls. These gloves are surprisingly good quality and fit for the price. Offered in Black and Brown.

Suixtil Regularity Stringback Driving Gloves

From the revived historic brand Suixtil, these lamb and cotton fingerless stringback gloves are lifted directly from the golden age of sports car racing. Perfect for warmer days. 


Riparo Reverse Stitched Leather Driving Gloves

With a slightly more modern take of the classic driving glove and the bold contrasting colors, these gloves would be perfect for taking your classic 70s-80s sports car through the paces.