eBay Watch: 2JZ Swapped Ferrari

The 2JZ is one of the most swapped motors in the automotive aftermarket, people stick them in everything from 350Zs to RX7s to old American cars, but not many people swap them into Ferraris. But eBay seller bidjustintime did or had it done and the result is this bright yellow 456M with the beating heart of a Lexus sedan.

The engine is a 3.0-liter 2JZ inline-six, the transmission is an automatic and they're both out of a 2001 Lexus GS300 which makes about 220hp in stock trim, or less than half of the 442hp that originally came in the 456 from the 5.5 liter V12. Half the cylinders mean half the horsepower.

The owner also did a headlight update on the car, getting rid of the handsome away headlights of the original, however, the headlights work and the workmanship doesn't look too bad in the pictures. The shifter also looks like it is installed well, the engine swap looks pretty clean as well. 

Listed on eBay Motors for $45,000 it is likely the cheapest running and driving 456M in the US, the cheapest running factory spec 2000 456M I could find was on Autotrader for $59,000. But as the seller points out the Toyota powered Ferrari won't cost thousands of dollars every year in maintenance, meaning this would be a fun car for rallies and general hooning, plus the 2JZ aftermarket means there is a lot of potential for building more horsepower. 

Check out the listing HERE