Gear up for Grilling

by Michael Satterfield

For many people dusting off the grill for the annual barbeque is as far as they get into the art of grilling.  But firing up the grill doesn't just need to be reserved for basic burgers and hotdogs, from specialty meats, awesome cooking tools, and amazing new grills, you can up your grilling game this summer and include more grilling into your cooking routine. 

I just got back from the Harth, Patio, and Barbecue show in Dallas and found some great new products, cool tools, and some amazing meats, here are some of my favorite finds!

Mail Order Meats 

Not everyone has a great local butcher, but thanks to New York Prime Beef you can get top-quality steaks, bacon, and other meats shipped directly to your door. We recently tried their American Wagyu New York Strip Steak which they call "the best steak on the planet" and while that is a lofty claim they might just be right.  From their center-cut filet mignon to their impressive 28-day dry-aged cowboy ribeye, quality of and selection is second to none.

Sauce Subscription

Amazing Clubs offers several gourmet subscription boxes, including a great BBQ sauce and marinades. These subscriptions not only get your cooking more but also inspire you to try something different. Each month a new box with two sauces and easy to follow recipes, starting at about $60 for a 3-month subscription with Free Shipping, get it for yourself of as a gift.

Personalized BBQ Branding Iron from Texas Irons
Add a little flair to your next BBQ with a personalized BBQ Branding Iron featuring you and your partner's initials. Hand made in Texas it lets you leave your mark on just about anything you can grill. 
$44.95 with Free Shipping.

An App for the Perfect Steak

The Mastrad meat°it is a Bluetooth meat thermometer that allows you to keep track of your steak via an app on your smartphone. Plug in the thermometer, open the app and set your preferences and monitor the meat while you enjoy the game or hang out with your guests. 


Portable Perfection

The   TRAVELQ PRO285X by Napoleon is perfect for grilling on the go, with its slick folding cart you get a compact grill that still has enough space to cook up to 17 burgers at a time. Offered in three colors the TRAVELQ is the grill to have for your next tailgate. 

Rev Up Your Grill

Walking around the BBQ show there were a lot of "theme grills" including grills with sports themes, grills made of out of beer kegs, and grills in the shapes of the various animals that would be cooked inside them. But being a car guy, the "Hotrod Hardware" grill stood out and I had to include it. Based on a small block Chevy, the grill is full size and complete with all the aftermarket go-fast parts you would expect to see under the hood of a classic American muscle car.