Limited Edition $30,000 Bugatti

 by Michael Satterfield

The Bugatti Type 35 is a legend, with over 2,000 professional and amateur race wins, it is arguably the single most successful racing car of all time. In 1926 the firm decided to build a half-scale Type 35 for Ettore's youngest son, Roland, for his fourth birthday. After some prompting from customers, the one-off "Baby Bugatti" went into production with around 500 being made between 1927 and 1936.

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, the Baby II will be offered in a limited run of just 500 units. Unlike the first Baby Bugatti, this one is a three-quarters-size replica of the Bugatti Type 35 so it can be driven by both adults and children. This hand-built Bugatti’s signature turned aluminum dashboard, a leather seat, four-spoke steering wheel and, Bugatti instruments.

The electric Baby II has a child mode (1kw) with a 12 mph, and an adult mode (4kw) that lets the little bug get up to 27 mph, just like it's big brothers, a 'Speed Key' option is available that will remove the top speed limit and unleash a full 10kw of power.

Even though this is a closer to a go-kart than a car, the Baby II is still a real Bugatti, the ‘Macaron’ badge is still made of 50g of solid silver, just like the Chiron. Each car is numbered and will include the 110th anniversary badging, and it even has destination and delivery fees, just like a full-size car.

Prices start at around $34,000 making it the most affordable Bugatti you can buy today.

Production starting in fall 2019 with reservations for build slots already open you should now if you plan on getting one.