Sony's New 98-Inch 8K HDR TV

by Michael Satterfield

Sony has released US pricing for the new Bravia Master Series ZG9 98-inch 8K LED TV. Sony's first consumer 8K television powered by their X1™ Ultimate processor. Optimized to handle the 33 million pixels of 8K6, the only question is where you will find enough content in 8K to watch?

But for those who want the best of everything, bragging rights, or just a really big TV, the $69,999.99 MSRP gets you more than just a big screen, you get features like Backlight Master Drive with full-array local dimming, 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, and later this year support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit3.

The ZG9 TV has 20 times more contrast than any other LED TVs and features sound by Dolby Atmos with four front-facing speakers. But if you don't have room for the 98-inch model, an 85" version is available for $57,000 less at just $12,999.99.

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