Car Girl: Christine GZ

by Jesus R. Garcia

Driving, and the Obsession that Rides Shotgun

Writing about the auto industry has allowed me to meet people who share an appreciation for the skill of driving, and the obsession that rides shotgun. They come in all walks of life from all over the world and usually hide in plain sight. They see driving as more than just a way of commuting from A to B, can see a racing line on ordinary roads, and have a direct link from their brain to their right foot - drivers.

Christine Giampaoliz Zonca is a real driver. More specifically, she is an international rally/off-road race car driver with the ambition of a champion. I met her online in 2016 and was immediately taken by her story of becoming an international off-road racing driver.

Christine GZ, Rally Driver and Motorsport Engineer

Christine GZ is an Italian racing driver with a degree in motorsport engineering who was born in India, can speak multiple languages, lives in Spain. She raced in 2016/2017 World Rally Championship where at age 22 she made WRC history by racing with the first all-female rally team. Her first races were completed in cars she built herself.

Unlike a lot of race car drivers, Christine wasn’t born into a racing family and strapped into a go-kart at an early age. When Christine left Spain to study economics in England it took her all of two weeks to switch her major to motorsport engineering. She didn’t start pursuing her dream of racing until she graduated, opened her own garage, and started building her own rally cars. The rest is history that is still in the making.

Christine’s career in racing was started by her own blood, sweat, and unstoppable ambition. How many of us have dreamed of being a race car driver? Christine is one of the few that actually went out and made it happen. As Elvis Presley once said, “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine”, and when it comes to Christine that V8 is supercharged!

Dynamic Racing Road to Dakar 2020

In 2016, Christine GZ joined the Dynamic Racing Team based in Los Angeles, California. Dynamic Racing is led by team owner and race driver Paul Kraus. His dream of forming a team of talented off-road drivers brought them together.

This year, Dynamic Racing has been on a mission to race in as many off-road races as possible in preparation for their biggest challenge on a mission called Road to Dakar 2020. The Dakar Rally is the most challenging off-road rally in the world and is set to be held in Saudi Arabia next year. The Dakar is also the summit of Christine’s dream of being a racer. She wants to race Dakar, she wants to win Dakar! The Road to Dakar includes racing the Baja 500, Baja 400, Baja 1000, and includes various rallies in Portugal, and Spain during the summer.

Christine GZ races in turbocharged CAN-AM X3 UTV’s that can handle desert terrain, with plenty of horsepower to help it fly through the air. Dynamic Racing partnered up with sponsor Maxxis Tires to keep the fuel burning on Christine’s Road to Dakar.

For the Love of the Drive 

Christine is a born car enthusiast who owns a 2016 Subaru STi she named “Baru” and works part-time as a stunt driver for Tyreaction, a Motor vehicle company based in Spain. Having the opportunity to not only meet her but watch her race allowed me to see the impact she has on those around her. She walks among us with natural energy that if it could be bottled and sold it would put Red Bull out of business. Nothing stops her from racing, not even a broken hand.

Earlier this year Christine raced the week-long Sonora Rally with a fractured left hand. An injury caused by an accident one day before the start of the rally. Even with only one good hand, she was able to finish 1st in one stage of the rally and finish in the top three the following day.

While some race for the glory, or to avoid a desk job, Christine works very hard just so she can race. For her, racing is the center of her world which ironically takes her around our world in pursuit of her dream. I once asked her, “If you were a billionaire and could race without the need of sponsorship would you race as a full-time hobby?” Her answer was short and direct, “Si”.
She does it for the love of the drive.

Christine GZ is a self-made racer with a heart of karat gold for her fans and teammates. You can follow Christine GZ on Instagram @christinegz and @gazoline2dakar and on their websites: and Christine GZ is more than just a car girl she is a role model to anyone who often doubts chasing a dream. Her struggle inspires, her victories motivate, and her personality is enchanting.