Rally Driver Renee Brinkerhoff Completes Peking-to-Paris

TGR Staff

Renee Brinkerhoff is one of just four women to complete the 36-day Peking-to-Paris Motor Challenge, her win is historic, but she is quick to use the attention to promote a cause even more important to her than motorsports, stopping human trafficking. Project 356 World Rally began in 2016 and through her non-profit 'Valkyrie Gives' has been raising awareness and funding to support positive impacts in the lives of women and children affected by human trafficking around the world.

“Rallying has provided me a world stage that entails so much more than fulfilling my passion to drive,” said Renee. “My initial goal was to conquer six races on seven continents so I could give back something important on every continent we drove – and through those efforts, we’ve been able to offer local support to orphanages and facilities to make a difference.” This past year alone, her organization has raised more than $100,000 to benefit those in need.

Peking-to-Paris is is a grueling event covering more than 9,000 miles, 8 time zones and 12 countries, including China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Belgium and finally France. Together, Renee and her co-driver Calvin Cooledge braved fatigue, weather, mechanical issues, and emotional stress, to endure this lifetime achievement.

With less than 1,000 drivers to have ever run the Peking-to-Paris rally, it’s become a ‘bucket list’ item for many endurance racers that are willing to wait to apply, as the competition is run only every three years. The very first event was in 1907 with only four of the five original entrant teams completing the challenge, and then went on hold for 90 years – until 1997 when it reinstated its own mission – with 2019 being only the seventh time the event has been run and completed.

Renee has competed in the Targa Shield in Tasmania, Caminos Del Inca in Peru, La Carrera Panamericana in Mexico, and her next challenges take her to the East African Safari Classic and in 2020 she plans on taking on Antarctica, all in a 60-year-old Porsche 356.

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