The New Baja Boot

by Michael Satterfield

James Glickenhaus released images via Facebook of the production version of one of his most exciting automotive projects, the SCG Boot, a modern homage to the original Baja Boot famously campaigned by Steve McQueen. I had the opportunity to see the original Boot, which is owned by Glickenhaus, and an event in 2018 when the concept was simply a rendering.

The new SCG Boot is more than just a pretty face, while final specs haven't been released, the race version of the Boot being built to take on the Baja 1,000 with a 650hp LT4, larger fuel tank, and 22" of travel. According to releases from SCG, this November the team will drive the SCG Boot from their headquarters in New York to Mexico, race in the Baja 1,000 Stock SUV class, and drive back home to New York.

The company also plans to set a new world altitude driving record by driving up the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile and has even challenged any of the major automakers to a race from New York to Paris using only their SUV which would mean crossing the Bearing Sea by attaching pontoons to the side of the Baja boot.

The limited-production street-legal version is reported to start at $250,000. For more visit the official SCG Boot website.

Source: Scuderia Cameron GlickenhausFacebook