Bentley | Stetson

 by Michael Satterfield

Bentley Dallas has commissioned Mulliner to create a special edition Bentayga inspired by Texas hatmaker Stetson. The Bentayga design cues echo the classic colors and textures of Stetson's most iconic hats like the White Sand exterior paint which mimcks the Silverbelly color made famous by the Stetson Open Road, a hat worn by Winston Churchill, Bob Dylan, and US Presidents. I even have a Silverbelly Open Road in my own collection.

Inside the Dark Cashmere draws its color from the original Stetson felt hat, the Boss of the Plains while the deep Onyx is inspired by the classic black Stetson 100X El Presidente hat. The Stetson logo is embroidered on the seats and specialty badges on the outside. The leather interior will also feature distictive "boot stitching" throughout the vehicle and feature saddle leather accents. The wood used throughout the cabin was sourced from American Red Gum trees and the steering wheel featured a burnt oak center.

This partnership speaks to the timelessness of these two famous brands. The Bentayga’s rugged luxury is a tailor-made match for Stetson’s unsurpassed quality. The Bentayga Stetson Special Edition combines the best of old-world craftsmanship with American history to create a distinctive and memorable motoring experience. 
Ken Schnitzer, Chairman of Park Place Dealerships.

Stetson is thrilled to be partnering with Bentley Dallas on the Bentayga Stetson Special Edition. For over 150 years, the Stetson name has stood for quality, authenticity, craftsmanship and a refusal to compromise on details. The collaboration between Stetson and Bentley combines two legendary heritage names to deliver an unparalleled experience for Western enthusiasts.
Xiao Li Tan, President of Stetson Worldwide

The first special edition vehicle is offered at $246,578.00 and is available now featuring white sand exterior with camel hide interior details. Bentley Dallas will have two additional cars arriving in Texas in October and November.