Trump Themed AR-15 Built to Trigger

 by Michael Satterfield

With the hot debate about assault weapons and the divisive political climate, many companies are withdrawing from any product that could be perceived as controversial. While most gun manufacturers have leaned into their Trump-supporting base, no gunmaker has gone as far as Scottsdale based Guntec USA to produce an AR-15 "Furniture Kit" to trigger anti-gun/anti-Trump fans.

The kit, of course, comes in an Anodized Gold Finish with Trump and MAGA cut out or etched into the individual parts. It is not a complete gun and would require the buyer to already have a complete AR15 or buy the rest of the parts to assemble a working weapon. The limited-edition kit retails for $399.99 and can be ordered online via


  1. This is gonna piss off the snowflakes!

  2. I don't know if I could rock that.