$399 Night Vision Action Camera by SiOnyx

by Michael Satterfield

SiOnyx has been a leader in night vision optics since 2006, their game-changing Ultra-Low Light sensors are trusted by the US Army and are now available in the compact Aurora Sport HD action camera. 

While it may look like a traditional night vision scope, the Aurora has image capturing modes that allow for still photography, video, time-lapse and loop mode. Designed with the sportsman in mind the unit is water-resistant and features built WiFi with an iOS and Android App allowing you to share your moments on social media. 

With interchangeable batteries (extra batteries not included) and a standard micro SD slot, you can capture your entire trip with up to 4 hours of record time when using a 32g micro SD card. When most people of night vision, they think of grainy green images, but the Aurora Sport captures images in full color and can be used day or night by switching from day to night more. 

SiOnynx sent me a test unit to try out for a few days and I was impressed with the unit, while the .9mp camera isn't going to be your primary camera, but it gets the job done. I took the Aurora Sport and my iPhone X mounted one on top of another on a tripod, as you can see in the side-by-side photo below, the light enhancement is impressive.

For $399 the SiOnyx Aurora Sport is a great tool to keep in your gear bag, be it for hunting, fishing, camping, or off-road motorsports, it gets the job done. 

For more visit Sionyx.com and check out the official specs below:

SENSORUltra Low-Light CMOS
NIGHT VISIONNear Moonless Starlight
DISPLAYColor or Monochrome
LENSf/1.4 (Night), f/2 (Twilight), f/5.6 (Day) – 16mm
VIDEO720p • .MOV
FPS7.5, 15, 24, 30, 60
PHOTO.9MP images
Shutter Speeds
1.5″, 1″, 1/2″, 1/4″, 1/7.5″, 1/15″, 1/30″, 1/60″, 1/120″,
1/240″, 1/480″, 1/1000″, 1/2000″, 1/4000″, 1/8000″
BATTERYRechargeable 2h continuous
PHONE OSiOS, Android
APPSRemote live view, record, download, share