Cleveland CycleWerks Launches New E-Motorcycle Platform

by Michael Satterfield

Cleveland CycleWerks has given us a sneak peek at their new E-Mobility platform codenamed #FalconRising. Cleveland CycleWerks has been producing affordable gas-powered motorcycles with global distribution since 2009, this new platform is the brand's first foray into electrified platforms, and will be manufactured in the United States. The goal of #FalconRising is to bring a new group of riders into the motorcycle market. The platform incorporates modular design features that will allow users to tailor the bike to their individual needs, for range, performance, and style.

We are no longer bound by the physical constraints of internal combustion. Our platform grows with the rider as their skill and desire for speed increases. The Falcon and the event #FalconRising represents a huge shift in focus for Cleveland CycleWerks. A future that is lower volume, higher quality, hand assembled, but manufactured with the most advanced techniques available today.  This is only possible here in the USA.  
Scott Colosimo - founder Cleveland CycleWerks 

The bikes, Falcon 1 and Falcon BLK fit into categories that range from E-Bicycle to E-Motorcycle and are packed with proprietary technology including Cleveland CycleWerk's own fleet management system for rideshare, drive mode control software and battery management systems.  Technology partner SphereBrakes revolutionary braking system is a first in the E-Motorcycle space and like nothing currently offered on the market.

The drive modes include: 
  1. Eco:        With regenerative functionality on throttle lift
  2. Power:    With regenerative functionality on breaking 
  3. Custom:  Customer configured mode
  4. Wheelie: Aggressive Throttle Response

There is also what is called the "Angry Pixy Mode" which allows for 20 seconds of max discharge at the push of a button, think of it as a nitrous system for electric motorcycles. 

#FalconRising will be unveiled at the  Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Ohio at 6:30 pm on March 20th, 2020 with pre-orders starting at 7:00 pm.

For more on #FalconRising and the upcoming event in Cleveland visit or follow along on Facebook and Instagram  #FalconRising #WeAreCleveland