The Ultimate $350,000 Lamborghini Urus

by Michael Satterfield

1016 Industries has released its latest limited-edition vehicle based on the Lamborghini Urus. The design adds an even more muscular style to the already edgy Urus SUV. Just 50 of the bespoke $350,000 SUVs will be built by the Miami design house who have previously offered versions of the Lamborghini Huracan, Aventador, and specialize in high-end performance and styling packages for select supercars.

The Urus is the first SUV to be modified by the company is offered in a 'Stage 1' 780-horsepower package or a 'Stage 2' 840-horsepower package which will run an 11-second quarter-mile time. The performance enhancements are fully road legal and do not void the factory vehicle warranty.

The Urus is a fantastic realization of what the automaker initially explored decades ago with the LM002. Our passion at 1016 Industries is seamlessly integrating unique forged carbon fiber into brilliant platforms such as the Urus and making them into the finest exotic automobile designs in the world. The 1016 Industries limited edition Urus is for elite enthusiasts looking to further elevate an amazing driving experience to the next level. The 1016 Industries Urus limited edition is about showcasing who we are and what we can do as a company, these limited editions are about world-class styling paired with performance without compromise.
Peter Northrop, CEO of 1016 Industries

The restyled body kit and interior trim are offered in two versions, carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber. Outside the redesign touches almost every panel, the result widens the stance of the Urus by 87 mm in the front and 100 mm in the rear.

Designed using OEM mounting points the widebody package can be installed on any Urus and is offered as a standalone package starting at $45,000. For more information or to find a dealer visit


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