Walther Q4 Steel Frame

by Michael Satterfield - 01/11/2020

Just in time for Shot Show, Walther has released its new Q4 Steel Frame series designed as a high-performance concealed carry package. Designed with weight distribution in mind the new design drastically reduces recoil to improve shooting performance.

Tested in the harshest condition, the new Q4 Steel Frame performers in extreme heat, cold, humidity, heavy rain, even thick mud. The Q4 incorporates the Quick Defense Trigger from the original PPQ.

The Quick Defense Trigger is a safe two-stage trigger with a crisp-break and short-reset. The first stage allows for consistent prep with a distinct wall that can be easily found under stressful situations. The second stage is the crisp break of the wall, resulting in accurate shots on target.
The reset of the Quick Defense Trigger measures only 1/10”, allowing the shooter to skip the first stage completely and fire the follow-up shot by only moving their finger 1/10 of an inch. Resulting in faster, more accurate and consistent shots on target.
The quick-defense trigger is known as the best striker-fired trigger by nearly every critic.

With an improved beavertail, steel 3-dot phosphoric night sights, which are non-snag and optimized for concealed carry. The Q4 Steel Frame OR (Optics Ready) features a black serrated front and rear adjustable duty sight, while also allowing for the installation of a red dot optic.

Q4 Steel Frame MSRP: $1,399.00
Q4 Steel Frame Optics Ready MSRP: $1,499.00

Learn more at Waltherarms.com.