Five Best Travel Coffees

Best Coffee for Travelers

TGR Staff

Traveling sometimes means giving up the comforts of home to explore new places, but that doesn't mean you have to drink bad coffee. Boutique brewers have been creating innovative ways to make the best cup of coffee on the road, without a coffee maker. From going off-grid to just avoiding bad coffee, there are lots of reasons to pack your own favorite brew. After testing dozens of travel-friendly brews here are our five favorites.

Explorer Cold Brew Co.

Explore Cold Brew
If you are a fan of Cold Brew, you will love Explorer's concentrated coffee, want an Americano, add half bottle to 3oz of hot water. How about an Ice Latte? 1 bottle of Explorer, 6-8 ozs of milk, 1 tbsp of sweetener, and ice. They have more complex recipes, but you aren't likely to have the ability to steam milk in the car.  Explorer also offers a range of caffeine levels, beware that you feel the Extra Caffeine.
They offer a box of 12 bottles for $45 or you can get the big bottle for just $37 which works out to about $1.15 per cup of coffee.

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DripKit Coffee

Drip Kit Coffee Review

DripKit Coffee has created a single-use pour-over coffee that makes enjoying a great cup of coffee easy. Their small-batch coffee is roasted in Brooklyn, NY weekly and packaged to order. We discovered it on a trip to New Orleans and loved the easy to use pour-over packaging. Five-packs start at $17.00 and go up to $39.00 for limited-edition coffees. At $3.40-$7.80 a cup, DripKit is pricey but worth trying at least once.

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Apex Coffee Roasters Steeped Coffee

Apex Coffee Roasters

Apex describes their Steeped product as a self-contained French press, the single-serve Steeped bags are sealed for freshness and just need hot water, like a teabag. The bag is 100% Apex Roasted Coffee from Texas and as an added bonus the packaging and steeping bag are compostable and made from renewable materials. A 10 Pack is $22.50 or $2.25 a cup.

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Copper Cow Coffee Pour Over Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow offers a unique option for gourmet coffee on the go, their ready-made pour-over pouches offer a wide range of flavors. We love the Salted Carmel and Pumpkin Spice Latte. Ranging from $10-$17 for a 5 pack, but you can save if you order their bundle packs. It averages out to about $3.00 a cup, but it is a great cup of coffee.

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WAKA Coffee

WAKA Coffee

The only instant coffee we deemed worthy, but don't let the fact that it is an instant coffee scare you off. WAKA Coffee starts using high-quality 100% Arabica beans freeze-dries them to preserve the flavor and was created to make an affordable but amazing cup of coffee anywhere. While not as fancy as some of our choices, the longevity, great flavor, and sub $1.50 per-cup price make it the perfect coffee for the road.

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Travel Kettle for coffee on the road

If you need to make hot water on the road, we suggest the Gulrear Intelligent Car Electric Kettle or the Spardar Car Kettle both can be purchased on Amazon. For the