The need for speed may come at a cost — your hearing

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by Michael Satterfield

I’ve spent a lot of time at race tracks, in the pits, in the stands, driving loud cars … all things that have had a significant impact on my hearing. I’ve written before about wearing hearing protection for when you’re at the track, but years of roaring engines can still take their toll. If hearing loss is something I myself worry about, I’m betting many other people in the automotive community probably do, too.  So when approached me to test their modern solutions, I was excited to learn more.

I couldn’t believe that one in eight people over the age of 12 are affected by hearing loss. But most people dismiss hearing aids as something you only get when you're older — which is an outdated concept — so they never consider them as an option. According to my research, 78% of people who could benefit from hearing aids, have never tried them. As you can imagine, not being able to hear clearly can dramatically impact your quality of life. I also learned that hearing loss can impact more than just missing the occasional word in a conversation, it can lead to social isolation, missed career opportunities, and cognitive decline. Scary.

The process was simple. I visited their website, took their quick questionnaire, and spoke with a hearing expert. After that call, I moved on to the next step and did a hearing test with a licensed hearing professional. I was even able to do it from home, over video chat.

Once I completed the hearing test, I started my 45-day trial of’s awesome new horizon hearing aid. It’s a next-generation device that no other company sells, so I was excited to be one of the first to try it.

Now, these hearing aids aren't the oversized noticeable hearing aids grandpa wore. Just the opposite. These are sleek, ultra-compact, and unnoticeable when you’re wearing them. These Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are clinically proven to improve speech clarity (the horizon even has an incredible Speech Focus feature that no other hearing aid offers), reduce background noise, and allow for effortless hearing. They even stream my favorite music, TV shows, and podcasts right into my ears; they even allow for wireless calling. 

Oh, and from my smartphone, I’m able to change the volume and directional focus, and even pipe in relaxing sounds to help me focus and unwind when I need to. That’s another feature that’s only offered with horizon. I find the directional focus the coolest feature to play with … imagine driving and being able to focus your hearing in the direction of your passenger while minimizing background noise, or attending a rock concert and being at an event and being able to select "Speech Focus" so you’re never struggling to follow the conversation. It’s so cool.

If you’re struggling with hearing loss or have questions about how hearing aids could change your life for the better, I highly recommend you reach out to for a 45-day trial to experience the magic of this modern hearing technology for yourself.  You won’t regret it.