UPDATED: Lordstown Motors Takes On the San Felipe 250

Lordstown Motors Takes On the San Felipe 250

TGR Staff

The SCORE San Felipe 250 races return to Baja California attracting top off-road racers from around the world, including teams from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, England, and Ecuador. The 280.2-mile route is one of the four races that make up the SCORE World Desert Championship. This year's race will feature more race teams than any previous year in the race's 34-year history, including the first all-electric entry from Lordstown Motors

Lordstown Motors Takes On the San Felipe 250

The Lordstown Motors Endurance trophy truck will be running to prove that the start-up electric vehicle maker can build an electric truck that is just as tough and capable as its gas and diesel counterparts. With less than 50% of the entries crossing the finish line, Lordstown Motors will have proven a lot by just completing the legendary race. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, all race week activities and access to the start/finish line will be closed to the general public and only accessible for essential race crew and personnel. Baja California State, Municipal and City officials are working closely with SCORE to ensure safety protocols are in place for all racers and crews, including mandatory face mask coverings, social distancing, and increased sanitation at hotels and restaurants.

 Race fans can experience the action virtually via extensive coverage available online at www.scoremediahouse.com/en. The race will later be televised on ABC Sports and ESPN for viewers in the U.S. and across the world in 25 different countries including Asia, Europe, and South America.

Lordstown Motors Takes On the San Felipe 250

Update: Lordstown Motors pulled out of the San Felipe 250 after just 40 miles, in a statement issued on Monday the company stated that they had pulled the truck from the race because the terrain was too demanding and the truck was using power faster than anticipated. Apparently, they hadn't tested the truck with the larger tires required to take on the deserts of Baja. In a statement issued by Lordstown Motors public relations firm Otto and Friends, said "We assumed a 3X energy usage compared to normal road conditions at 200 ft. elevation, following stage 1, however, our data showed consumption at 4 times the normal level” With a longer and more challenging stage coming up the team opted to pull the truck rather than face having to recover it from the remote section of the course. 

The Lordstown Motors Endurance was one of just two electric vehicles attempting the 250-mile race, both failed to finish. This unsuccessful attempt comes on the heels of a 4th class-action complaint that joins three previous class-action lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court following the release of a damaging report by short-seller Hindenburg Research that was made public on March 12. Lordstown has maintained that they will be starting full production later this year and they have produced vehicles for safety validation and crash testing.  

This race took place on 04/19/2021...