Frank Stephenson Design: The ‘Lost Merch’ Collection

	Frank Stephenson Design the ‘Lost Merch’ Collection

TGR Staff - 07/30/2021

Frank Stephenson Design has released its latest merchandise collection, the retro-styled tees dubbed "the Lost Merch collection" allowing fans of Frank Stephenson’s to purchase special edition T-Shirts featuring the Ferrari F430, Maserati MC12, MINI, Ford Escort Cosworth, P1 Sailfish, initial McLaren P1 sketch, and MINI & Bulldog sketch. 

Taking a retrospective look at Frank's design legacy, the 'Lost Merch' collection features hand-sketched versions of each car that Frank has designed partnered with vintage graphics with a style from the era each car was released. The 'Lost Merch' collection is comprised of promotional products that feel like they could have been part of the official rollout when each of Frank's iconic designs launched.

	Frank Stephenson Design the ‘Lost Merch’ Collection

All T-Shirts are available directly from the Frank Stephenson Design Online shop, with prices starting at $41.82 + postage.