Review: Hair Craft Co.

Review: Hair Craft Co.

TGR Staff - 12/03/2021

We get a lot of men's grooming products sent to the office and not all of them make it on the site. But Hair Craft Co. stood out from the moment it arrived thanks to great packaging and what looked like a very high-quality product. Like most independent grooming products Hair Craft Co. has a story about the founders being frustrated that they couldn't find hair care products that met their standards, so they took matters into their own hands to create a high-quality product at a fair price... honestly, this is the same spin we get from nearly every start-up grooming brand. But does the product match the marketing? 

To find out we put Hair Craft Co. to the test for over a month and here is what we found.


Overall the Hair Craft Co products we tried were on par with brands like House 99 or 18.21 Man Made that we have tested in the past. But it doesn't really reach the level of say Bumble and bumble. The hair moisturizer wasn't something anyone felt they would need to use daily so after each of us in the office gave it a try we never picked it up again. All the products have a nice scent and the clay held up throughout the day. 


The 3oz Hair Moisturizer wasn't a product we had used a lot, the best comparison we had on hand was the Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil which comes in a 2oz package for $6.50 an ounce, the Hair Craft Co. brand comes in at $7.66 an ounce. 

The Hair Clay comes in a 2.8oz jar which at $23 a jar works out to $8.21 an ounce, this is substantially less than the Bumble and bumble Clay at $20.66 an ounce or Baxter of California at $11.50 an ounce, but it is still far more than our go-to value brand Cremo which is just $4.52 an ounce.

Final Thoughts:

Hair Craft Co. is offering high-quality products priced between the average consumer brands and boutique salon brands. They do offer free shipping on orders over $25 and do have bundles that offer additional savings, they also have very informative guides on all of their products based on hair type and style to help you find the right product. If you are looking for some new grooming product that has a boutique feel and quality for less, check out

Review: Hair Craft Co.