How To Be Spontaneous On A Road Trip

How To Be Spontaneous On A Road Trip

TGR Staff - 08/01/2022

When we decide to take a road trip, we usually plan well ahead of time and come up with an itinerary that gets us from A to B in the right time. But for some people who are already well traveled, this can get a bit boring! Anyone who’s been on a few road trips knows how fun they can be, but what’s really fun about cruising in your car is finding spontaneous spots along the way. Let’s take that to the next level here! 
Pack Right

Seeing as you’re not really sure where you’re going, you need to pack carefully here. Make sure you’ve got clothes that suit the climate, a well-stocked first aid kit, and something to charge your phone with that connects to the car. You’ll also want plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you going, and even a tent you can easily set up in case you don’t find another place to stay for the night. As long as you can keep in touch with people, stay warm and dry, and can hydrate on a regular basis, you’ll be just fine. 

Choose a General Direction

Of course you want to go on an unknown adventure, but you need to know roughly where you’re going to end up. So pick a general direction to head in before you go. This could be as simple as left or right or forward or back, but you could also pick a city on the map and say that’s the final destination. As you slowly make your way there, in the time you’ve allocated yourself, you can stop off at any number of smaller towns or villages along the way. 

Scout Out Local Events

Whenever you land in a place, it’s time to get your phone out and see what’s going on nearby. Google what’s on in the town, see if there’s any event scheduled for the night, and then go along. You could witness all kinds of open air theater events, new bands in bars, and even go rock climbing in the park! 

Experienced travelers like Matthias O’Meara always highly recommend getting out and seeing what’s going on, to make sure you’re taking part in the local community. It could be a good way to make new friends, you could simply try something you’ve never done before - both are wonderfully spontaneous!

Grab Some Local Food

One of the best ways to be spontaneous on a road trip is to buy something local and delicious whenever you stop off. You never know, you might find your new favorite dish! And plenty of street vans selling burgers and pizzas and quesadillas can be found all over the world, so get out there and have a taste of what they’re cooking up. Grabbing a takeaway is also great if you haven’t found a restaurant or a hotel kitchen to use! 

Being spontaneous on a road trip is a lot of fun - do it right with these tips.