Ineos Grenadier Starts at $71,500

Ineos Grenadier Starts at $71,500

By Michael Satterfield - Photos by Ineos - 05/17/2023

The Ineos Grenadier claims to set new a standard as a contemporary, off-road-focused 4X4 vehicle crafted with meticulous design, engineering, and manufacturing. Priced from $71,500 in the USA, this first-time offering comes with a straightforward model lineup and an extensive range of options and accessories.

Available in three trims: A Base Model, the Fieldmaster, and the Trialmaster, the Grenadier presents a five-seat Station Wagon that perfectly combines luxury and performance. The standard specification Grenadier serves as a versatile canvas, ready to be tailored to individual customer preferences. It boasts the comfort, refinement, and standard features expected by today's discerning drivers.

Ineos Grenadier Starts at $71,500

Drawing inspiration from legendary off-roaders of the past with updated engineering, Ineos Automotive has created what they claim is a world-class 4X4 vehicle that excels in comfort, practicality, and durability, meeting the demands of the modern driver. We don't know how comfortable, practical, or durable, it is because no one from The Gentleman Racer has had a chance to drive the Grenadier, we only had the chance to look at two non-driving pre-production prototypes, once in Houston and again in Las Vegas at the 2021 SEMA Show. 

Featuring an award-winning BMW inline-6 engine, a box section ladder-frame chassis, permanent four-wheel drive, up to three locking differentials, and solid beam axles, the Grenadier on paper should be able to go just about anywhere.  In addition to the standard specification Grenadier, Ineos Automotive offers two pre-configured vehicle editions that reflect the shared philosophy of Belstaff and Ineos Automotive (which both share a common owner) producing authentic, uncompromising products engineered for longevity. Belstaff, renowned for its iconic waxed cotton jackets and forward-thinking spirit, brings its heritage and innovation to the Grenadier in two trim packages; the Grenadier Trialmaster and Fieldmaster Editions.

The Trialmaster Edition, named after the iconic Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket, pays homage to its heritage. Designed in 1948 at the request of Irish professional Trials biker Sammy Miller, this jacket was tailored to withstand the harsh conditions of the Scottish Six Days Trial.

The Grenadier Trialmaster Edition possesses a distinct personality, enhanced by the Rough Pack, which includes electronically activated front and rear differential locks and BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires. Prioritizing functionality and versatility, the Grenadier Trialmaster Edition is equipped with additional practical features such as a raised air intake, exterior utility belts, and an auxiliary battery. This edition is tailored for passionate off-roaders who embrace challenging expeditions across the most demanding terrains.

The Grenadier Fieldmaster Edition, named after the iconic Belstaff Fieldmaster Jacket designed for outdoor lifestyles, caters to adventure enthusiasts who rely on their vehicle to take them and their gear wherever they desire. This edition includes a selection of comfort and convenience features that enhance the Grenadier's usability in every situation. Highlights of the Fieldmaster Edition encompass Safari Windows, two-color leather upholstery, carpet floor mats, and heated front seats. Whether towing a horsebox, transporting kayaks to the river, or embarking on wild camping trips, the Grenadier Fieldmaster Edition makes outdoor adventures even more accessible.

Ineos Grenadier Starts at $71,500

The base model offers the same off-road capability, on-road performance, and a functional, modern interior. However, recognizing the unique preferences of each customer, the Grenadier can be extensively customized to fulfill its owner's specific requirements. Ineos provides a wide range of factory-fitted options and an extensive selection of accessories from launch. Embracing an open-source approach, customers can also install their existing equipment, and the Trialmaster Edition's pre-wired electrical access points make it easy to add lights and other powered accessories.

Starting May 31, pre-ordering for the Grenadier and an enhanced online configurator will be available. While anyone can place a pre-order, priority will be given to the thousands of reservation holders in the US and Canada to secure their desired build slot. All orders will be manufactured at Ineos Automotive's state-of-the-art production facility in Hambach, France.