The Ultimate Car Enthusiast's Guide to Tokyo

The Ultimate Car Enthusiast's Guide to Tokyo

by Michael Satterfield - 11/16/2023

Tokyo, a vibrant metropolis that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, is a paradise for car enthusiasts. From sleek sports cars to iconic drift culture, Tokyo has it all. I've spent a lot of time in The Land of the Rising Sun and here is my comprehensive guide to navigating the streets of Tokyo for the ultimate car enthusiast experience. 

Go Shopping for Car Tech, Gadgets, and JDM Parts

Akihabara is not only the electronic district but also a hub for car technology enthusiasts. Then head to stores like Autobacs and Up Garage for the latest automotive gadgets, performance parts, and accessories. You'll find everything from high-tech navigation systems to custom exhaust systems.

Take a Trip to Tsukuba Circuit

If you're itching for some track action, head to Tsukuba Circuit. Located about an hour from Tokyo, this world-renowned racing circuit hosts various motorsport events. Check the schedule and, if possible, attend a track day or a local race to witness the thrilling performance of Japanese race cars.

Experience Tokyo's Car Culture in the Daikoku Futo Parking Area

Experience Tokyo's Car Culture in the Daikoku Futo Parking Area

Daikoku Futo Parking Area is a legendary spot for car enthusiasts. On weekends, this massive parking area transforms into a car enthusiast's haven, where owners proudly display their customized rides. It's a great opportunity to witness Tokyo's diverse car scene, from supercars to modified drift machines.

Embrace Drift Culture in Ebisu

Ebisu Circuit, located in the Tochigi Prefecture, is a mecca for drift enthusiasts. Book a drift experience or simply spectate the professionals showcasing their skills. The circuit offers multiple tracks with varying difficulty levels, ensuring a memorable experience for both participants and spectators.

Take a Trip to the Site of Japan's First Speedway

Take a Trip to the Site of Japan's First Speedway

Tamagawa Speedway was the first purpose-built speedway in Japan, the 1.2-km oval course was inaugurated in May 1936. Those early races had the pioneers of the Japanese automotive industry including racing driver and founder of Honda Motor Company, Soichiro Honda, behind the wheel. Nissan and Ota, as well as other brands, faced off on the tarmac from 1936-1938. It is about an hour's train ride from Tokyo Station to  Tamagawa Station and then just a short walk across the river where you will find a sign by the Tamagawa Speedway Society marking the spot. After you are done visiting the historic site walk to Ramen Kirin for lunch, you won't be disappointed. 

Visit Nissan Crossing in Ginza

Nissan Crossing in Ginza is a showroom that highlights the best of Nissan's automotive innovation. From futuristic concept cars to electric vehicles, this space allows you to witness the cutting edge of automotive technology from one of Japan's leading automakers. 

Attend Tokyo Auto Salon

If you happen to be in Japan in January, don't miss the Tokyo Auto Salon. Held at Makuhari Messe, this event gathers automotive enthusiasts from around the world to witness the latest in aftermarket parts, custom builds, and automotive trends. It is one of the best-produced auto shows in the world. 

Nismo Omori Factory

NISMO Omori Factory

NISMO, the performance and motorsports division of Nissan, has its Omori Factory in Tokyo. While access may be limited, contacting them in advance might allow for a tour. It's a rare opportunity to witness the craftsmanship that goes into creating high-performance Nismo vehicles.

Stay at the Peninsula Hotel and Take Advantage of Their Fleet

The only hotel in Japan with a customized car fleet, The Peninsula Tokyo offers its guests chauffeured service in bespoke Rolls-Royces (including a 1934 Phantom II for wedding couples), BMW Series 7 sedans, MINI Cooper Clubman hardtops, a Tesla Model S, and the all-new Toyota Century. Available for airport transfers and other hires, all vehicles are finished in the Peninsula’s signature livery of Brewster green and feature dozens of original modifications specified by the hotel for the express comfort of its guests

Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama

Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama

Explore the world of Honda at Welcome Plaza Aoyama. This showroom offers an in-depth look at Honda's diverse lineup, including motorcycles and cars. Interactive exhibits and displays provide a comprehensive understanding of Honda's technological innovations.

Book a Driving Experience with Fun2Drive

For a thrilling driving experience, consider renting a high-performance or classic Japanese sports car from Fun2Drive. Take a scenic drive through the mountains or around iconic landmarks, enjoying the power and precision of these automotive masterpieces.