The New Bulova Racer: A Fusion Of Heritage And Innovation

The New Bulova Racer: A Fusion of Heritage and Innovation

by Michael Satterfield - Photos by Lucas Kepner 06/24/2024

Few brands have a legacy as profound as Bulova when it comes to blending the elegance of timekeeping with the adrenaline rush of motorsports. From the early days of NASCAR, where Bulova served as an official timing partner, to Formula 1, where they sponsored the incredible Ford Benetton team, the American timepiece brand has been a part of it all. This week, the brand unveiled its latest masterpiece—the Racer Chronograph—a collection that pays homage to the brand’s storied past in motorsport while embracing cutting-edge design and technology. The launch of the Racer Chronograph isn't just another addition to Bulova's illustrious catalog; it’s a celebration of speed and precision and a testament to the brand's enduring legacy in the racing world.

Michael Satterfield driving Bulova Racing Vintage Formula Car

The inception of the Racer Chronograph began with a feature I wrote about Bulova's Motorsports History, which caught the attention of the Bulova team. The story covered  Bulova's involvement—from sponsoring soapbox derbies to timing professional races—and highlighted the brand's commitment to precision and performance. This narrative provided the perfect backdrop for the Racer collection, making it not just a watch but a piece of history. I was asked to meet with the Bulova team and we launched into one of the most exciting and fun projects I have ever worked on. As a racing and watch enthusiast, it doesn't get any better. 

The New Bulova Racer: A Fusion of Heritage and Innovation

The collaboration was more than just a marketing strategy; it was an exploration of Bulova’s historical milestones in motorsports, meticulously translated into the design and functionality of the new Racer watches. The new Racer Chronograph collection features sleek designs reminiscent of iconic Bulova watches from the past combined with modern materials and technology. Each timepiece is meticulously crafted with a high-performance chronograph movement, ensuring precision that racers and enthusiasts alike can rely on. The dial is designed for optimal readability, featuring bold style and clear, easy-to-read subdials, while the case is robust yet stylish, embodying the spirit of a classic race car dashboard.

The collection includes various models, each with distinct features to cater to different tastes. Whether it's the stainless-steel variant with its blue dial for a sophisticated look or the sportier models with leather straps in black or stainless, the Racer Chronograph is designed to be as versatile as it is stylish. These watches aren't just accessories; they're instruments built for performance, continuing the legacy of Bulova’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Vintage Bulova Racing Car

For the launch, we headed out to MSR to film with my vintage Beach SV16 race car, dressed up in a Bulova livery with vintage-inspired racing gear to capture some amazing videos and photos, which you can see on the Bulova website. Discover the Racer Chronograph collection and become a part of Bulova’s storied legacy in motorsports. The journey of precision and performance continues, and it’s only just begun. 

With pricing ranging from $595-$675 the Racer is sure to be a popular watch with racers and watch collectors. Learn more at