The Ultimate Family SUV: The Lexus TX

The Ultimate Family SUV: Lexus TX

by Michael Satterfield - Photos by Lucas Kepner - 06/22/2024

The 2024 Lexus TX marks a significant milestone for Lexus, setting a new standard for three-row luxury SUVs. This model combines Lexus's renowned craftsmanship, innovative hybrid technology, and a spacious, family-friendly design. Available in two main variants, the TX 500h and the TX 550h+, the TX promises a driving experience that balances performance with efficiency, all wrapped in a sleek and sophisticated package. It might not be as bold as other Lexus models, but it will certainly appeal to those looking for a luxury family hauler; at this price point, it is hard to make a case for it compared to the new GX. 

The TX starts with a base model, the TX 350, with a 275-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder it comes in several trim levels with AWD as an option. The next option is TX 500h F Sport, which features a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with electric motors, producing a combined 366 horsepower. This setup delivers a robust performance that ensures quick acceleration, responsive driving dynamics, and a sporty appearance package. The TX 550h+ variant we are driving takes the power a step further, combining a 3.5-liter V6 engine with electric motors to generate an impressive 404 horsepower. This plug-in hybrid model also offers an electric-only range of up to 33 miles, making it an excellent choice for those seeking power and eco-friendliness.

The Ultimate Family SUV: Lexus TX

On the road, the TX Hybrid is a testament to Lexus's engineering prowess. The all-wheel-drive system, enhanced by rear-wheel steering and an adaptive variable suspension, provides a smooth and controlled ride. The rear-wheel steering, in particular, enhances maneuverability, making tight urban driving and parking much easier. Despite its size, the TX Hybrid handles with a level of agility and precision rare in the three-row SUV segment.

The 6-speed automatic transmission in the TX 500h ensures smooth and efficient power delivery, while the TX 550h+ uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that optimizes both performance and fuel efficiency. The hybrid system's regenerative braking further enhances efficiency, capturing energy during deceleration and storing it in the battery.

The Ultimate Family SUV: Lexus TX

Efficiency is a key highlight of the 2024 Lexus TX. The TX 500h achieves an estimated 27 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city, 28 mpg on the highway, and 27 mpg combined. These figures make it one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in its class. The TX 550h+, with its plug-in hybrid capability, offers even greater flexibility. It can travel up to 33 miles on electric power alone when fully charged, making it ideal for short commutes and city driving. The combined fuel efficiency for the TX 550h+ stands at a commendable 30 mpg.

This focus on efficiency does not come at the expense of performance. Both hybrid variants deliver strong acceleration and smooth power delivery, ensuring drivers enjoy a responsive and engaging driving experience. Whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the TX 550h+ perfectly balances power and efficiency.

The Ultimate Family SUV: Lexus TX

The interior of the 2024 Lexus TX is a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. It is designed with families in mind and offers three rows of seating with ample space for up to seven passengers. The second-row captain's chairs, available in higher trims, provide a premium feel and easy access to the third row. The third row is surprisingly spacious, accommodating adults comfortably on longer journeys.

Lexus has paid meticulous attention to the quality of materials and craftsmanship in the TX'scabin. Soft-touch surfaces, high-quality leather, and wood trim create an inviting and upscale environment. The seats are heated and ventilated, ensuring comfort in all weather conditions. The panoramic sunroof floods the cabin with natural light, enhancing the sense of space and openness.

Regarding technology, the TX Hybrid is equipped with a state-of-the-art infotainment system. A large touchscreen dominates the center console, providing intuitive access to navigation, media, and vehicle settings. The system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing seamless smartphone integration. Additionally, the TX Hybrid features a premium sound system that delivers crisp and clear audio, making long drives more enjoyable.

The Ultimate Family SUV: Lexus TX

One of the standout features of the TX is its active noise-cancellation system. Like high-end noise-canceling headphones, this system uses the vehicle's speakers to emit sound waves that counteract and eliminate unwanted road noise. The result is an exceptionally quiet cabin, allowing passengers to converse easily and enjoy a serene driving experience.

The 2024 Lexus TX's strong suit is practicality. It offers 20.2 cubic feet of cargo space with all seats in place. Folding down the third row expands this to 57.4 cubic feet, and with the second row also folded, the TX Hybrid provides a generous 97 cubic feet of cargo space. This flexibility makes it ideal for family road trips, grocery runs, and everything.

The cargo area is thoughtfully designed with a flat load floor and a low lift-over height, making loading and unloading items easy. For added convenience, the TX comes with a hands-free, kick-activated power rear door, allowing you to open the tailgate even when your hands are full.

The Ultimate Family SUV: Lexus TX

Safety is paramount in the 2024 Lexus TX. It comes equipped with the Lexus Safety System+ 2.5, a comprehensive suite of driver assistance features designed to enhance safety and reduce the risk of accidents. Key features include adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert with steering assist, lane tracing assist, and a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection.

The TX also features a blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, helping to increase awareness of vehicles and obstacles around the vehicle. Additionally, the 360-degree camera system provides a bird's-eye view of the surroundings, making parking and maneuvering in tight spaces much easier.

The TX is built to absorb and dissipate impact forces in the event of a collision, protecting occupants from harm. Lexus's commitment to safety is further demonstrated by including 10 airbags throughout the cabin, providing comprehensive protection for all passengers.

The exterior design of the 2024 Lexus TX is a harmonious blend of elegance and modernity. The front fascia features Lexus's signature spindle grille, flanked by sleek LED headlights that give the vehicle a commanding presence on the road. The sculpted lines and aerodynamic profile not only enhance its visual appeal but also contribute to improved fuel efficiency.

The Ultimate Family SUV: Lexus TX

The TX Hybrid rides on stylish alloy wheels, with higher trims featuring larger, more distinctive designs. The overall look is sophisticated and understated, exuding a sense of refined luxury without being overly flashy. This design approach aligns with Lexus's philosophy of "Yet" design, which seeks to harmonize seemingly contradictory elements, such as boldness and subtlety.

The 2024 Lexus TX is priced competitively within the luxury SUV segment. The TX 350 starts at around $55,0550, while the TX 550h+ starts at approximately $72,650. These prices include destination, processing, and handling fees. While the TX is not the cheapest option in its class, it offers a compelling value proposition given its blend of luxury, performance, and advanced technology.

When compared to rivals like the Acura MDX, Volvo XC90, and Lincoln Aviator, the TX stands out for its superior fuel efficiency, spacious interior, and Lexus's reputation for reliability and customer service. The TX is a worthy contender for those seeking a premium three-row SUV that delivers on all fronts.

The Ultimate Family SUV: Lexus TX

The 2024 Lexus TX is a remarkable vehicle that encapsulates the best of what Lexus has to offer. It combines a powerful and efficient hybrid powertrain with a spacious and luxurious interior, making it an ideal choice for families and luxury SUV enthusiasts alike. Its driving dynamics are impressive for a vehicle of its size, thanks to features like rear-wheel steering and adaptive suspension.

While its exterior design may not be as bold as some competitors, the TX's understated elegance and superior build quality make it a standout in its own right. The comprehensive safety features and advanced driver assistance systems enhance its appeal, providing peace of mind for drivers and passengers.