FT 86 a Toyota I Would Still Buy

11:23:00 AM

Toyota is currently the Whipping Boy of the automotive world, but I have to say my family, friends, and I have all been very happy with our Toyotas and would purchase Toyota again in the future. As crazy as the whole throttle sticking thing is, the percentage of people that have really had a problem is next to nothing, plus lots of people I am sure are just jamming down the pedal and ramming into things to get out of car payments. I had a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite that had a throttle sticking issue, one day it just jammed wide open (its happened before Toyota), so I pushed the clutch in and turned off the ignition, it did not take 12 miles at 100MPH to figure out what to do, it seems that US drivers just need to learn a little more about their cars... But enough with that side story. The FT-86 needs to be built just as it looks in these photos! This car for me is high on the list of possibles, when you compare to the other cars in this segment the BMW 1-Series, for example, the value for performance and style high for the Toyota.

See Toyota is not all evil the put a little passion back in their car design at least, and I am sure that GM has never ever tried to hide something from the public/government....

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