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Quebec takes a stance against Hellaflush

by Michael Satterfield

According to a story over on the Canadian Provence of Quebec has decided to ban "Hellaflush" cars. In fact the official wording in the new guidelines handed down by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec is Hellaflush. While this sounds more like the crackdowns that are happening in California it seems that the French Canadians have had enough of the Stance/Hellaflush scene. The regulation does not really spell out at what point the vehicle is considered "Hellaflush" so drivers will likely have no idea if their car meets the standard. It seems they are applying the old "if it looks like a duck" standard.

The Official Regulation below:
The hellaflush is an aesthetic practice carried out at the expense of handling and maneuverability of a vehicle. This is a method which comprises: 
  • the lower suspension of a vehicle; 
  • install oversized wheels and remote (over the original rims offset); 
  • mount tires too narrow for the rim (pulls stretching).
These changes, which affect the geometry of the suspension of the vehicle, are generally observed by the presence of negative camber (negative camber) exaggerated. Here is an overview of the main changes brought about by the hellaflush and why this practice is prohibited.

You can read the rest of their thoughts about offset wheels and stretching tires here

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Nurburgring of fire....NSX Prototype burns to the ground

by Michael Satterfield

Photos by KGP Photography
July 24, 2014 

Acura has been testing the new NSX prototype at the Nürburgring, apparently so hard that it burst into flames. According to Road & Track both test drivers escaped the unharmed. We are sure they will get this little issue fixed before it goes into production early next year.

Source: Road & Track

The V8 Wet Rod

The designers over at Strand Craft have reworked the concept of Personal Water Craft... no longer do you need to tacky up your yacht with the brightly colored water craft of the commoners. Now you can order your own PWC to match that sleek 100 footer. The coolest thing is that this personal mini yacht is packing a 300HP V8 under the hood and has a top speed of around 65 mph... thats booking it on the water.

Each one is hand made and the owner can select wood or carbon fiber accents, select colors, and several other options. The design is more than just good looking it also includes a waterproof luggage box, and ice chest. There is also an optional engine chrome dress up kit, sound system and GPS navigator.

The price starts somewhere around $60,000 USD

Below are the full specs from the Strand Craft Site

PWC - Personal water craft

Length : 16'



Top speed: 65Mph

Carbon fibre / Epoxy construction

Engine: V8 5,7 L 300Hp

Fuel tank:

Propulsion system: Water Jet

Waterproof luggage box

Ice box under seat


Custom trailer
Engine chrome dress up kit
Wood Inlays
Carbon Inlays
Special Custom Paint
Custom wrapping
Sound sustem
GPS Navigator

A new spin on Automotive Lighting

by Michael Satterfield

Joseph Wislar started Futility Studios out of his love of vintage vehicles, he can generally be found tinkering on a classic cars. But you can't live in the Garage all the time, so Joe decided to find a way to bring the things he loved inside. Working almost exclusively with vintage car and motorcycle parts and industrial equipment he turns these discarded relics into functional art for the home.

So what's with the name "Futility Studios?"Joe got it from a fortune cookie... His fortune read "One day you will realize how futile your life really is."

Each piece is unique and built out of upcycled vintage parts and few choice new ones to create new ways of looking at that old crate of parts in the back of the garage. You can see more of Joe's work on his website HERE or you shop is current collection on his Etsy Shop

Racers Against Cancer Events: Auto Club Speedway

by Michael Satterfield
Racers Against Cancer Events or R.A.C.E. hosted a car show and track day out at Auto Club Speedway this past weekend. Since it's just a few miles away I decided to swing by and throw in my $10 to get in and support a good cause. It was a mix of cars mostly your standard import tuner crowd, but there were some really nice cars that were in the show area. The race area was also a mixed bag everything from the ubiquitous track day Miata to some Redline Time Attack cars.

Overall it was a good event, but it would have been nice if you could have gotten out to the grass in the middle of the infield via the bridge to see some of the racing in the corners. Sitting way out at the outer fence does not make for good pictures... so I did not even take any shots of the track day side of the event.

Check out the R.A.C.E website for more events and info by clicking HERE

10 of the worst Ferrari replicas

It's just like a Ferrari California only not
by Michael Satterfield
Everyone wants to own a exotic car, but few of us can afford to buy one let alone the maintenance. Ferrari is always at the top of many people's dream car list. Sadly some people attempt a DIY version of the highly engineered and thoughtfully designed super car of their dreams.... these are ten of the best of the worst.

Fierorossa anyone?

Must be that ultra rare 70's racing edition so fast it forgot the F.

Another Fierorossa 

Would you call it a Mitsurrari 3000-GTO

There are so many versions of the Fierorossa

That F40 looks so much smaller in person

It is a Fiero of some kind what it is trying to be... well no idea. 

The rare F50 Fiero

A truckstarossa

Multi-Agency Taskforce cracks down on So Cal "Street Racers"

Photo by Instagram User Type_R_Jose
  by Michael Satterfield
July, 17, 2014

Officers and agents raided a popular El Monte car meet Wednesday night in what was described as a "Street Racing Raid." The meet at Arts Burger at 11629 Valley Blvd in El Monte has been held every Wednesday night for the last few years. The event was coordinated with the restaurant but as it grew it captured the attention of the Taskforce for Regional Autotheft Prevention or 'TRAP'. Agents from the Los Angeles County Sheriff, El Monte Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, L.A. County probation officers and officials from the Department of Motor Vehicles descended on the car meet in force.

100+ cars were on hand for the car meet, agents were looking for stolen vehicles, stolen car parts, and illegal modifications. Several vehicles were impounded and over 50 citations were issued. El Monte police Corporal David Avalos told City News Service that vehicle owners were cited for illegal modifications including ground clearance, engines swaps, and exhaust systems.

According to officer Avalos the operation was carried out to "combat auto theft and an increase in the number of vehicles modified for street racing." It is unclear if any actual "street racing" was taking place. But according to attendees I  have spoken to there was no street racing happening at Art's Burgers. One driver who did not want to be identified said "El Monte PD is just down the street and they cruise by every time we have a meet. Everyone knows better."

The news spread quickly via Social Media with the car community suprised that event that has been going on for years without incident was targeted. Even Art's Burgers the host of the weekly event posted  on their Facebook page "Arts burgers shut down tonight by 5 different police agencies for having to many patrons!" The company was recently named the "Small Business of the year" for the 24th senate district of California.

This video from the scene below was taken by Loudlabs News it shows the insane number of officers and how they completely locked down the entire event. It seems you no longer have the right to park in public without being detained and having your vehicle searched, in Southern California. This raid comes in the wake of the undercover investigation by the CHP to catch Touge Drivers and the recent CHP "report your neighbor" website set up to combat out of state registered vehicles. It seems California law enforcement is cracking down on So Cal Car Culture like they did in the early 2000's.

UPDATE: At least one person was arrested for allegedly having a stolen engine according to a report by This report also gives us one of the best non-car guy quotes by El Monte police Sgt. Richard Luna “The vehicles are modified and have several changes to them for the purpose of racing.”

Brooklands Reunion 2014

  by Michael Satterfield
To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the closing of the Brooklands Race Track, an event was held with several of the original cars that once raced around the famous track. The final race at Brooklands was held on the August Bank Holiday, just before the outbreak of the Second World War. Thankfully our friend Wim te Riet made the trip and shared these great photos with us. Be sure to check out his Facebook Page for more.