Video: DIY Reventon

8:21:00 AM

Who wouldn't want a Lamborghini? But spending $1.6 million on a Reventon is not likely to fit most peoples budget, unless they have 50 year car loans.... However a Chinese farmer spent about $9,500 in parts to create his own version of the super rare Lambo (only 21  were produced). The word "replica" or "knock-off" is being thrown around, but that's a stretch.
Wang Jian, who worked at a garage for more than a decade, built the replica using parts from a second-hand Nissan and Santana. The vehicle, which is still missing headlights and windshields, can reportedly reach 160 mph. Local police have asked Wang not to drive the car on the road, even when he is hauling fertilizer for the farm in his DIY supercar.
Image: Screenshot from CCTV
Source: YouTube

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