Alloy Ash

8:57:00 AM

by Mike Satterfield

So last nights new episode of Fast & Loud, The Discovery Channel added a new character to the lineup a car girl, welder and model from Detroit who goes by the name Alloy Ash. According to her official page (NSFW) she is a state champion welder, artist, and lover of alternative lifestyle.


So many people (guys) were visiting her site during the show that it crashed, Discovery Channel is getting its money worth just in internet traffic, with a poll on their site where you can vote to make Alloy the newest employee of Gas Monkey Garage. As of this morning there is currently a 80% yes vote, with a healthy amount of animosity from women nitpicking everything from her weight, looks, and the overall exploitation of women. You can vote and read the comments here, generally these kind of gimmicks are reserved for shows that need a ratings boost, but with past episodes (Bronco) also inserting random scantily clad women, it might just be a pattern for the show.

Photos Via Alloy Ash Model Mayhem NSFW

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