A Gentleman's Racer: Fiat X1/9

3:40:00 PM

Fiat is back in the USA, but for many years you had more sporty options to choose from, like this X1/9 that I spotted up at Willow Springs Raceway. I have owned two X1/9s over the years a 1974, and a 1978 both were fun cars (when they ran), the X1/9 was the early forerunners to the MR2 and Pontiac Fiero. Plus if you were a car nerd you could walk around and point out all the little parts that were the same as on the Ferrari. 

The Fiat X1/9 was truly the everyman exotic, mid-engine, contemporary styling by Bertone, and seriously fun car to drive. This little X1/9 which can sometimes also be spotted on Mulholland was running with the big V8 Mustangs and holding its own. 

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