Mustang Concepts That Did Not Make the Grade

10:28:00 AM

A Mustang 4 Door design study was ordered... thankfully it never made it to production.

Like all cars, the Mustang had a lot of design concepts and prototypes along the way, Ford started working on concepts including the original iconic Mustang I which looked nothing like the final car. There are a few more design studies and models we are glad never saw production as many of these may have killed the Mustang as we know it.

Early Clay Model in 1962

Some of these design cues got picked up by Zagato on their version of the Mustang (See the Zagato Mustang)
This 1963 drawing shows a much more European roofline, the story is it was based on an Alfa. 
A 1966 Mustang Wagon Concept that never saw the light of day.

The pretty much did build this one as the 1971-1973 Mustang Sportsroof, but I never really liked that body style much.

This 1968 model shows us lots of 69 Shelby and 71-73 Sportsoof, but just seems off.

Another 1968 design study on what would become the 71-73 body style, this frontend is pretty awful.
Hey Fox Body Mustang haters, it almost became this... this design basically became the Ford Fairmont

They were still toying with the idea in 1976

This pre-runner to the 1994 Bodystyle looks like a Probe and Taurus mated.

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