Racers Against Cancer Events: Auto Club Speedway

9:23:00 AM

by Michael Satterfield
Racers Against Cancer Events or R.A.C.E. hosted a car show and track day out at Auto Club Speedway this past weekend. Since it's just a few miles away I decided to swing by and throw in my $10 to get in and support a good cause. It was a mix of cars mostly your standard import tuner crowd, but there were some really nice cars that were in the show area. The race area was also a mixed bag everything from the ubiquitous track day Miata to some Redline Time Attack cars.

Overall it was a good event, but it would have been nice if you could have gotten out to the grass in the middle of the infield via the bridge to see some of the racing in the corners. Sitting way out at the outer fence does not make for good pictures... so I did not even take any shots of the track day side of the event.

Check out the R.A.C.E website for more events and info by clicking HERE

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