Video: Watch Ben Chen and his Bugatti hit 246 mph on the street

5:21:00 PM

by Michael Satterfield
July 29, 2014

Ben Chen and his $2.8M, 1200 HP Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc hit 246.4 mph this past weekend at the Sun Valley Road Rally. The car known as the Pur Blanc was commissioned by Ben Chen and is one of only 30 Super Sport Veyrons in the world. This is the fastest recorded time for a Veyron on a street course, the 246.4 mph is impressive considering the car in perfect track conditions holds the record of 267 mph as the worlds fastest production car. 

The Stradman was on hand and shared this video on YouTube of the record setting run. Ben is known to run his Veyron fast as we found out ourselves at last years Monterey Car week....story here.

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