The Coolest Office Ever

10:17:00 AM

Auto Trader (UK) has relocated its offices in Wimbledon and Reading to Pancras Square North, Kings Cross and based on this one picture, it is by far one of the coolest places to work...ever! I am guessing every employee is automatically hears the "Self Preservation Society" song as they walk down this hall in the main lobby. Three classic "Italian Job" Minis recreate the classic movie stunt.

For those of you who only remember the 2003 Marky Mark version of The Italian Job you might not get it, but in 1969 Sir Michael Caine, Sir Noel Coward, Benny Hill, and Raf Vallone made a much better version where the three classic Minis, with trunks full of gold, are driven through a sewer as part of the escape plan.

Modern day MINI did a parody of the film called "The Britalian Job" you might remember you can watch it HERE

Source: British Mini Club

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