Hundred Dollar Healey Update

7:22:00 PM

Today I made a lot of progress on The Hundred Dollar Healey (El Guapo) in prepping it for The Rally Historico Transpinsular. Since we are building the car for long distance over the road rallies we contacted JAZ Products for one of their 16 gallon fuel cell and filler necks to give El Guapo great range. The foam filled fuel cell will also keep us safe in the event of an accident.

The JAZ Products fuel cell will be strapped down in the trunk, the racing style fuel filler will allow for quick fill ups. We are fabbing a splash guard and a catch with a drain for any fuel/water to run out that might come down through the hole. 

To also keep us safe I fabbed up a sheetmetal firewall to seperate the trunk from the passenger compartment. It's bonded and rivited in place and will be painted satin black like the rest of the interior. 

I also was able to get the hood scoop mounted for the fresh air intake for the motor. It is blue because it was original fabbed up for our Project Fairlane, but they never made it on to the project. It was not warm enough today to do more paint work so I just wet sanded the first spray down and prepped for warmer weather so I can get it painted.

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