Invaluable to Auction American Classics

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Classic Cars - US Cars Collection, will be held on May 30, 2015, and feature a selection of 40 amazing classic cars. Here are a few of the amazing cars that will cross the block:

Lot 8 | Buick Century Convertible, Model 1957 - Starting Bid: €32,000 ($36,334.40)
This model offered here is a convertible from sun-blessed Florida and was bought by its current owner in 2006. The paintwork and the interior were restored in the U.S.A. so that now the black and silver give it the characteristic 50s Rock'n'Roll feeling. The engine's performance was enhanced in 1957, making sure the driver may now enjoy a 250 hp strong V8 engine with almost 6.0 cubic liters – a performance that Broderick Crawford in the TV show Highway Patrol appreciated.

Lot 22 | Chevrolet Bel Air V8 Sport Coupe, Model 1958 - Starting Bid: €30,000 ($34,063.50)
This Bel Air is an Impala Sport Coupé from 1958 and still is in a remarkably good condition. The original engine was replaced by a different unit with quadruple carburetor, which was also available for the Bel Air. The exterior is kept in a honey beige and is part of an anniversary edition.

Lot 13 | Pontiac Bonneville Custom Sport Coupe, Model 1958 - Starting Bid: €28,000 ($31,810.80)
This is an extremely good looking model in blue and silver from 1958. The coupé's leather interior comes in identical colors, additionally, it has all extra features available at the introduction of the model. The car was shipped from Pennsylvania to Hungary, however, it was restored in the U.S.A. before it was exported. A Bonneville from the first year of its serial production in this state of preservation is extremely hard to find nowadays.

Lot 19 | Ford Fairlane Skyliner, Model 1958 - Starting Bid: €28,000 ($31,810.80)
We present a Ford Fairlane 500 Series Skyliner with said fascinating hardtop from 1958. This vehicle was extensively restored in the U.S.A. and has Hungarian certificates as well as a FIVA certification. The color white, both in- and outside, makes for its summery air.

Lot 40: Chevrolet Corvette C3 Convertible, Model 1968 - Starting Bid: €19,000 ($21,573.55)
This C3 originates from 1968, the second year of production, and was bought by its current owner in Pennsylvania in 2005. The Corvette has always stood for pure American engine power. The idea to boost this car's performance was not really sensible, but definitely tempting: Now the engine has 375 horse powers.

Feel free to check out other vehicles, as well as our other collectibles up for auction:

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