Video surfaces of Magus Walker Crash

6:11:00 PM

Photos appeared on social media of Magnus Walker's infamous number 277 Porsche rammed into the back of a tractor trailer. It seems that Walker was hoping to film a little Minnesota Outlaw action with Star Tribune video report Vineeta Sawkar.

Sawkar was riding in the passenger seat when Walker lost control and slammed into the back of the parked trailer with cameras rolling. Both Walker and Sawkar walked away from the accident.

Walker is know for his videos where he pushes the limits on public streets in his classic 911s and has drawn criticism from some in the automotive community for his antics. It is unclear why Walker was pushing the car so fast on a road that was in use at the time. In the video you can see he narrowly misses a vintage Mercedes, but even so with the tractor trailer blocking the lane it would have been a close call.

See the video and hear first hand from Vineeta Sawkar about her ride with the Urban Outlaw HERE

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