Another "Street Racing" crash?

11:46:00 AM

Another traffic accident being blamed on "Street Racing" but from the evidence shown it's not so clear. ABC 7 has gone as far as to even drop the word "alleged" from the story leading everyone to believe that this is just another kid acting out his Fast & Furious fantasies. But unlike most of these incidents this one happened in my hometown and I know this street well. 

It appears to me that the driver of the Nissan rolled through the stop sign, then inexplicably stopped in the path of the Mustang. I don't know what kind of "racing" they were doing but they were not close and if you notice the car that goes by in the opposite direction the speeds on that street pretty high (I believe it has a 50MPH speed limit). While it is sad that someone passed away, it seems anyone who owns anything but a hybrid sedan is a "Street Racer" and this image is having a negative impact on the car community.

You can read more at ABC7

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