California Voters: No on Prop 21 No More Car Taxes

Current Cost to Register an average new car ($30,000) in California, not including Sales Tax!

Registration: $31.00
California Highway Patrol Fee: $22.00
Vehicle License Fee: $346.00
County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies Fee: $1.00
Fingerprint ID Fee: $1.00
Smog High Polluter Repair Fee: $6.00
Original Smog Abatement: $6.00
Alt Fuel/Tech Smog Fee: $8.00
Auto Theft and/or DUI Crime Deterrence Program: $1.00
South Coast Air Basin: $1.00
Valley Air Quality Fee: $6.00
Alt Fuel/Tech Reg Fee: $3.00
Reflectorized License Plate Fee: $1.00
Cargo Theft Interdiction Program Fee $3.00

Drive a Pick-Up add $80-$257 in Weight Fees

Oh and depending on where you live the sales/use tax could be over 10% of the purchase price.

If you live in California Vote NO on Prop 21 that would add another $18.00 fee to every car and truck on the you can see we already pay enough in fees.