The Giugiaro Bertone Mustang

The 1965 Ford Mustang is considered by many as one of the most iconic cars of all time, Frey and Iaccoca crafted the perfect car, at the perfect time. While the Mustang was a major hit in the USA, the European market was not so impressed by the car, and L. Scott Bailey, the founder of Automobile Quarterly, put together the idea of coupling Ford and Bertone to create a one of a kind show car, that would peek the interest of European car buffs. 

Bailey helped engineer the meeting at the 1965 Paris Motor show. shortly thereafter a "naked" Mustang was delivered to Bertone. Leaving the wheelbase the same, he modified the front fender aprons and radiator support to give it that sleek Italian styling Bertone was known for.  Hide-Away headlamps, hood bumps, fender grilles, and the suspension was lowered. The design elements were fictional as well, the fender vents helped lower pressure under the front fenders while the hood bumps provided clearance for shock mounts and the air cleaner assembly. 

The car was shown at the New York Auto Show and was a major success, but after that, the history gets a little fuzzy. The car was sold, and rumored to be in Europe. However, no one has seen the car since the mid 60's. I hope it is still out there somewhere if it ever does pop-up the owner should be looking at a seven-figure car. So if you're in Europe take another peek in Grandpa's Garage.