Fashion: 1965 Shelby Le Mans Team Jacket

Racing Division LA has begun accepting pre-orders for its reproduction of the famous Shelby 1965 Le Mans team jacket. Patterned after legendary driver Allen Grant's personal jacket just two hundred copies of this limited edition coat will be made. At $499.00 plus $12 shipping (shipping calculated in the USA) it is a steal.

The jacket is the correct Wimbledon white quilted nylon outer, guardsman blue liner and arm strips. Nylon hood that hides beneath collar (as per original). Patches are made to original specifications on 100% cotton twill. Racing Division LA wanted to produce not only the best reproduction of the Shelby jacket, but they wanted it made in the USA, this jacket is made in Los Angeles just miles from the original Shelby factory, even the patches were produce and embroidered here in Southern California.

You can pre-order yours with a ship date in mid August 2013 now by CLICKING HERE

* Photographs are of pre-production samples, final jackets may have slight modifications. Expected ship date. August 15, 2013

Source: Racing Division LA


  1. Looks really cool, but its kind of pricey...

  2. I plan on ordering one, can't wait.

  3. Shelby is a legend, but I can get a nice leather jacket for that price.... its cool, but it should be like $100

  4. I like it, pretty cool, but I can't afford it. I guess the jacket is like the cars... for old guys with money.