Shelby GT500 Super Snake Stars in new Film: GETAWAY w/video

There is a new film coming out called Getaway staring Ethan Hawk, Selena Gomez, and a Shelby GT500 Super Snake. From the trailer it looks like Ethan is a former race car driver named Brent Magna who happens to be living/traveling in Bulgaria of all places, his wife is kidnapped by a madman that makes him drive on a series of missions to save her life. It reminds me of the video game called "The Getaway".  

So Brent Magna takes the GT500 that for some reason belongs to 20 something year old Selena Gomez. Who is another American living in Bulgaria, when she attempts to steal the Shelby back from Hawk, she gets drawn into the game of the criminal mastermind as well. 

The plot looks a little weak and I don't know how many 20 something year old American girls are driving the streets of Sofia in GT500's, dressed like wannabe gangsters, and packing semiautomatic pistols. But hey it could happen... I guess...

The story might seem like you've heard it before, but that's because it seems to be a loose remake of the 1994 Charlie Sheen movie, The Chase. Which seems it have barrowed a lot from the Roger Corman Classic Grand Theft Auto. Plus there is that whole Guy Ritchie The Getaway game where a mobster has kidnapped the son of the hero and send him on a series of missions all over London. We'll have to see if the car chases make up for what looks like its going to be a pretty bad movie.