Armored Cars of WWI

World War One changed the way wars were fought forever, it was the first conflict where fighter planes took to the skys, the horror of chemical weapons was unleashed, and the humble cars of the day were transformed into machine gun equipped armored vehicles. Most looked like a boiler on wheels but they changed the way battles were fought. The early concept was tested by the Belgian Army called the  "Minerva Armored Car", essentially militarized touring vehicles dressed up for war.

Austin armoured car

Austin armored car

Austin armored car

Minerva Armored Car

Rolls Royce armored cars

Austin likely being operated by Russian Forces

Described by Lawrence of Arabia as "above rubies in the desert," Rolls-Royce WWI armored car

Rolls-Royce armored car

 Panzerkraftwagen Ehrhardt E-V/4 note the forward wheel flanges to help deflect mud build-up between the tire spokes.